Matterport 3D Scanning


The BDI team regularly use the Matterport 3D scanning system to either scan entire buildings or part of a property. 

From the Matterport 3D Scan the BDI team can obtain Point Cloud XYZ file which we can then develop into BIM / Revit models and drawings.

3D scanning surveys also allow us capture details of buildings with great accuracy and precision and scans are often referred back to for additional information without the need to re-visit a property saving time and reducing travel. Matterport 3D scans can be used for refurbishment and retrofit projects across various sectors. BDI use 3D Point Cloud XYZ files to digitize features and produce various 2D and 3D outputs. The scans collect millions of data points in very short time frames and provide an invaluable resource that helps the entire build team for each project.

The BDI Matterport Scanning service includes:

  • A doll’s house file for every project, where you can literally move through the entire property online and check every detail.
  • Take measurements to 99% accuracy

The Point Cloud XYZ file formats can be used for accurate measurements and to produce CAD drawings of the building, 3D scanning is just another way we are improving our processes.

Matterport scans have multiple uses and are also popular for property, heritage and school building projects as they allow multiple stakeholders to view the building from the comfort and safety of their mobile device or laptop giving accurate, real life representation of the building. 

Want to know more about obtaining a 3D scan of your building? Contact the BDI team today.

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