Don’t swerve a survey: reasons to get one

It is not surprising that many people think twice before getting a survey. There are so many costs associated with moving house; mortgage fees, solicitor’s fees and then the added cost of moving and the first large mortgage instalment. Before you know it the costs are escalating and the idea of investing in a survey may become less appealing.

The main reasons you should get a survey are:

The biggest investment of your life

Buying a property – whether it be commercial or residential, is a considerable commitment which can both increase or decrease in value.  Getting a survey is vital, as it will help you identify any repair bills which may be required in the future. A misinformed property purchase may leave you out of pocket and could make a huge difference to your future wealth.

Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Even if a property looks fine from the outside, with no visible problems, you really need a qualified Structural Engineer to determine this for you. By conducting a survey, we will be able to determine the structural health of a property; identifying any issues which make the property unsafe or are likely to incur costs later down the line. If you are aware that a property has a structural issue – you need a Structural Engineer to determine the cause, significance and repair cost, so you can plan your budget and negotiate a better price.

Spend money now rather than later

The cost of skipping or gaining a sub-standard survey could be much greater than the cost of instructing one. The whole purpose of a survey is to identify any structural issues in the property which could potentially result in thousands of pounds worth of repair work.

At BDI we offer 2 types of structural survey:

  • Specific Defect Survey: conducted when a particular structural problem has been identified and further investigation is needed.
  • General Structural Inspection: includes the appraisal of the entire building structure focusing on roofs, foundations, internal walls, external walls and floors.

Both Specific Defect Surveys and General Structural Surveys differ from a standard building survey as they focus on the structural integrity of a property. Surveyors can only signpost structural problems to you, whereas a Structural Engineer can give you detailed advice about the problem, its cause, how to rectify it and the costs involved. All of our structural surveys are carried out to the highest standards by Structural Engineers who are members of the Institute of Structural Engineers. We are highly experienced in looking at building problems for over 25 years

To find out more information about which survey would suit your needs – click here or call the BDI team on 0161 969 3886

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